Welcome to the website for the PRISM (Pruritus Relief through Itch Scratch Modulation) research study.

The PRISM research study is a medical research study of an investigational medication for people who have severe itch because of Prurigo Nodularis. (Prurigo Nodularis is also known as Nodular Prurigo.)

This research study is currently enrolling adults suffering from chronic severely itchy bumps on the skin.

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Why is this Medical Research Study Important?

Prurigo Nodularis is defined by the presence of distinctive bumps (nodules) on the skin which can be very itchy and cause the intense desire to scratch. This itching is highly bothersome and is associated with sleep problems, depression, and the lack of ability to do things that are enjoyed. Currently, there is no approved treatment specifically for itching associated with Prurigo Nodularis. Therefore, finding new treatment options for people with this condition is extremely important.

Before new medications can be approved for public use, they must be tested in research studies like this one. This study will look at the safety and effectiveness of the study medication on the treatment of itching related to Prurigo Nodularis and will also evaluate the effect of the study medication on itch-related quality of life and sleep quality.

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Participating Cities
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  • Arizona
    •  Phoenix
  • California
    •  Laguna Niguel
    •  North Hollywood
    •  San Francisco
  • District of Columbia
    •  Washington
  • Florida
    •  Boca Raton
    •  Orlando
  • Maryland
    •  Rockville
  • Massachusetts
    •  Boston
    •  Brighton
  • Michigan
    •  Ann Arbor
    •  Troy
  • Missouri
    •  St. Joseph
  • New Hampshire
    •  Portsmouth
  • New Jersey
    •  Hackensack
  • New York
    •  Stony Brook
  • North Carolina
    •  Wilmington
  • Ohio
    •  Cincinnati
    •  Cleveland
  • Pennsylvania
    •  Hershey
    •  Philadelphia
  • Rhode Island
    •  Johnston
  • South Carolina
    •  Charleston
  • Tennessee
    •  Chattanooga
    •  Knoxville
  • Texas
    •  Austin
    •  Webster
  • Utah
    •  West Jordan
  • Washington
    •  Spokane
  • West Virginia
    •  Morgantown

What is Medical Research?

Although there are many definitions, a research study is generally considered to be health-related medical research in people with a specific condition using a pre-defined written protocol.

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